About - Jon Bechtold-Wright, L.Ac., EAMP

Jon Bechotld-Wright is the founder of Uptown Acupuncture & Herbs and the acupuncturist and herbalist. He started this clinic because he is passionate about acupuncture and herbs and their ability to help get you to the healthiest, happiest version of yourself possible.

The clinic, Uptown Acupuncture & Herbs offers acupuncture, herbs and related therapies for people dealing with pain or other health problems and want to improve their health. Jon has a special interest in resolving painful conditions - from migraines to back pain to ankle and foot problems, Allergies, Sleep problems like Insomnia, and Digestive issues. However, with the whole-body approach of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, every problem has the potential to be addressed, so the clinic is not limited to these aspects alone.


Jon believes that Chinese medicine can get at the root cause of your problem and get you feeling great again. It should be effective. It needs to be rooted in compassion and knowledge.

He also believes in providing care to people from all walks of life, and in helping all people attain balance, health and happiness.


Jon became interested in natural health and healing in his late teens and had his first experience with acupuncture in his mid-20’s, which for him was a fantastic experience. The result was that it resolved a long standing problem with food allergies, and allowed him to enjoy food again. Subsequent positive experiences with acupuncture and herbs continued both personally and with family members.

Jon's experience with Chinese medicine showed him its effectiveness at getting to the root of the problem and then resolving that health problem. He was fascinated by this healing system and wanted to learn more, which lead him to a path of helping people create lives full of health and vibrancy. Today Jon appreciates this medicine more than ever because he sees amazing results every day. With each patient, he observes how Chinese medicine can make profound changes for people in their lives.


Jon earned my Masters in Acupuncture from the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine. He is nationally board certified (NCCAOM) in Acupuncture, a Washington State-licensed acupuncturist, and is also a NADA certified detoxification specialist. He lives in Seattle with his wonderful wife, cat, and chickens (they’re outside). And enjoys cooking, gardening, staying active, and extra dark chocolate.

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"It has been about two weeks since I have started this regiment and I am glad to report that it has been doing wonders for me! I want to thank you deeply for helping me to battle this issue, naturally and efficiently."

— Kendra M.

"Jon is a very thoughtful and personable practitioner.  His skills of both treating  and making his patients feel comfortable are great.  His dedication to helping his patients back to health shows in his tireless effort to find the right treatment approach for each patient.  I would recommend Jon to anyone looking for an acupuncturist who listens and gets great results."

— Lee M.

"Working with Jon is an absolute pleasure.  He really listens to what's going on, is incredibly thoughtful and a fabulous acupuncturist.  I know when I see him that I'll leave not only feeling better but feeling empowered to make healthier decisions."

— Gabi M.